Security FAQs

Will NUCLEAUS™ copy my code repositories or software repositories?
ANSWER = No, the scanner will never copy your code.

Can NUCLEAUS™ make changes to my code?
ANSWER = NUCLEAUS™ cannot make changes to your code. It's role is solely to suggest remediation strategies to fix vulnerabilities and dependencies in your code base.

How long does NUCLEAUS™ keep my code?
ANSWER = NUCLEAUS™ will NEVER “keep” your code, NUCLEAUS™ will only take the results of your scans - just summary information and the store is encrypted.

If you cancel your account, NUCLEAUS™ will keep your configuration and summary information for fourteen (14) days before it deletes your scan results.

How does your authentication work?
ANSWER = NUCLEAUS™ uses Auth0 to secure your accounts. For more information, visit

How do I know my data is safe?
ANSWER = Security is very important. NUCLEAUS™ code base, like yours, is constantly scanned for vulnerabilities, dependencies and bugs and the development constantly works on hardening the platform.

Do you ever see my code?
ANSWER = No, we do not ever see your code. 

Does NUCLEAUS™ have access to my code?
ANSWER = No, we do not ever access your code. 

Is the scanner secure?
ANSWER = Yes it is encrypted. 

What do you encrypt?
ANSWER = We encrypt the data at all points in the communication lifecycle, including in transit and at rest. 

Does Nucleaus have a mobile application?
ANSWER = Yes we do! Our iOS application on the Apple Store is pending. Stay tuned for further details. 

Is the mobile app free?
ANSWER = Yes it is, but you have to first purchase a subscription through our website to see your code scanning results.

Can i do everything from the mobile app?
ANSWER = After you have established a subscription and completed a scan, you are able to retrieve your data through the mobile app. 

What is the process to see my scan results in the app?
ANSWER = Here are the steps for you to see your scan results in the application: 

  1. Visit to purchase the number of code repositories you want scanned;
  2. You will get an “Auth0” email for secure login, This login will be the SAME for your mobile application login; 
  3. Log and add a repo or repo’s to be scanned;
  4. You can wait for the automated scheduler to do your scans or start one immediately;
  5. Once your scans are complete your dashboard will populate;
  6. At that time, go log into the App with your Auth0 credentials and you will see your Dashboard.

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