Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nucleaus™ hard to set up?
ANSWER = It is super easy. We took all the elbow grease out of it. :-)

What development languages do you support?
ANSWER = We support the following nine (9) languages, including:

  1. Flex
  2. Go (also referred to as GoLang)
  3. Java (compiled please!)
  4. Java Script (JS)
  5. NodeJS
  6. PHP
  7. Python
  8. Ruby
  9. Ruby on Rails

What frameworks do you support?
ANSWER = We support the following 12 frameworks including: 

  1. Javascript
  2. Node
  3. React.js
  4. Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
  5. Angular.js 2
  6. Vue.js
  7. Meteor.js
  8. Ember.js
  9. Backbone.js
  10. Aurelia.js
  11. Polymer
  12. Mithril.js

What Flex frameworks do you support?
ANSWER = We support currently the most popular Flex frameworks, including: 

  1. Tide, part of the Granite Data Services platform.
  2. Swiz
  3. Parsley
  4. Cairngorm
  5. PureMVC
  6. DropAS3
  7. Fabrication
  8. Mate
  9. RobotLegs

What Go (GoLang) frameworks do you support? 
ANSWER = We support currently the most popular Go (GoLang) frameworks, including: 

  1. Revel
  2. Beego
  3. Martini
  4. Gin Gonic
  5. Buffalo
  6. Goji
  7. Tiger Tonic
  8. Gocraft
  9. Mango

What Java frameworks do you currently support? 
ANSWER = We support currently the following Java frameworks, including: 

  1. Spring
  2. JSF
  3. GWT
  4. Play!
  5. Struts
  6. Vaadin
  7. Grails
  8. Hibernate (Data-focused)
  9. Maven (Build-focused)
  10. Apache Ant with Ivy (Build-focused)

What PHP frameworks do you currently support?
ANSWER = We support currently the most popular PHP frameworks, including: 

  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. Zend
  4. Codeigniter
  5. Phalcon
  6. Yii Framework
  7. Fat Free
  8. Kohana
  9. Flight
  10. Zikula
  11. PHPixie
  12. Slim
  13. Li3
  14. Nette

What Python frameworks do you currently support?
ANSWER = We support currently the following Python frameworks, including:  

  1. Django
  2. Web2py
  3. TurboGears
  4. CubicWeb
  5. Giotto
  6. Pylon
  7. Bottle
  8. CherryPy
  9. Flask
  10. Sanic
  11. Tornado

What Ruby frameworks do you currently support?
ANSWER = We support currently the following most popular Ruby frameworks, including: 

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Phoenix
  3. Sinatra
  4. Padriano
  5. Cuba
  6. Hanami
  7. Celluloid
  8. Goliath
  9. RubyGrape

What Git repositories do you currently support?
ANSWER = We support currently the following Git hosted services, including: 

  1. Assembla
  2. Beanstalk
  3. Bitbucket
  4. CloudForge
  5. Codebase
  6. Fog Creek Kiln
  7. GitHub
  8. Gitlab
  9. Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
  10. Planio
  11. Perfor
  12. RhodeCode

What languages do you plan to support next? 
ANSWER = C# is currently under development. 

How often do you add languages?
ANSWER = We add languages as fast as our "bootstrapping" is capable of. 

Why do you need compiled code for scans?
ANSWER = For languages like Java, there is simply no way to provide accurate results without being part of the build. As for such, we ask that the code be compiled.

Do you scan dependencies?
ANSWER = Yes we do! Not only do we scan code but we include dependencies to give a complete picture.

What features are in your product?
ANSWER = Our product features three simple steps to continuous scanning:

  • Easy sign up
  • Blister-fast time to value: You can be up and scanning in minutes
  • Automated continuous scanning: NUCLEAUS™ scans your code once a day by default.  (Yes, you can change that settings; however, we will “nag” you if you don't scan for a couple of days.)
  • Map your results to NIST conformance
  • Categorize results by Critical, High, Medium, and Low vulnerabilities

What code repositories do you support?
ANSWER = We support any Git enabled services, including GitHub™, GitLab™, and BitBucket™. 

Do you support TFS?
ANSWER = It is on our development roadmap but do not have a timeframe yet for release. 

Do you map to OWASP?
ANSWER = In the near future, OWASP top 10 will be mapped to your vulnerabilities.

How do you charge? 
ANSWER = Your subscription includes your Virtual Scanning Appliance (VSA) the ability to scan and report on all of your code repositories in BitBucket™, GitHub™, Gitlab™, and any other Git-enabled services. (NOTE: There is a one-time set up fee for your account to establish the Virtual Scanning Appliance (VSA). 

What is the monthly subscription fee for a Virtual Scanning Appliance (VSA)?
ANSWER = $0 because the VSA comes with your Subscription plan.

How will I be billed?
ANSWER = You will be billed for one (1) month of Subscription at the number of repositories and the one-time setup fee which is equivalent to one (1) month of Service.

Why am I billed a setup fee?
ANSWER = We have to build, provision, and deploy your Virtual Scanning Appliance (VSA).

Can I get a refund for the VSA
ANSWER = If you cancel within three (3) days or as dictated by your local credit card laws AND you have not run a scan, we will refund your fees. (NOTE: When you run a scan, we incur a cost. It is only fair that you benefit, so we should too!)

Do you offer free trials?
ANSWER = At this price? Really.  No.

Do you offer any discounts on the subscription?
ANSWER = Yes we offer a 10% discount on yearly pre-paid plans. 

What SLA’s do you have?  
ANSWER = We do not offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In our EULA, we describe "best effort". If you are dissatisfied with the service, you can cancel at any time. Your membership will terminate at the end of your billing period.

How long do you keep my data?
ANSWER = We keep your scan results for 30 days, then they are gone forever.

How much can I sue Springboard Cyber Security Check for?
ANSWER = Based on the EULA you agreed to, our total liability equals one (1) month of service.

What happens if I have more code repositories than what I originally signed up for?
ANSWER = The application will prompt you to upgrade your plan as soon as a you exceed the plan’s allocated number of repositories.

How would I describe NUCLEAUS™ in a “Tweet” to someone?
ANSWER = NUCLEAUS™ continuously scans code vulnerabilities and dependencies in a way that is simple, approachable, affordable and actionable. Signup-to-scanning in 3 steps.

Why would I have zero (0) results for vulnerabilities?
ANSWER = You have great code! Keep scanning new vulnerabilities all the time to keep it that way! (NOTE: If you are scanning Java, you must compile your Java code before the scanner will show results.

If you are still having trouble, please put in a ticket at 

How do i get help?
ANSWER = We offer two ways to seek help:

  1. Submit a ticket at
  2. Give us a call at +1 (800) 609-0393 

Please allow up to 48 hours to come back to you with a response. 


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